Why to choose Hair Transplant

The normal hair growth cycle can be divided into three phases:
  • Anagen (Growth Phase)
  • Catagen (Regression Phase)
  • Telogen (Rest Phase)
In anagen phase, a fully formed hair follicle is producing a mature hair at continuous rate of 0.35 mm/day. This growing phase lasts roughly 1000 days in men and 1500 days in women. While in catagen phase, the inferior portion of the hair follicles goes through a process of involution driven by programmed cell death. This regression phase lasts 2-3 weeks. During telogen, the hair follicle matures into a club hair, which eventually shed and lag phase occur where follicle is empty and no hair shaft is growing. Telogen phase lasts 2-3 months.

In humans the hair follicular activity is asynchronous and neighboring follicles are normally at different stages of the hair growth cycle. At any given time, approximately 84-90% of scalp hairs are in anangen, 2% in catagen and 10-16% in telogen. If someone notices hair loss almost 100 hair/day, that should be considered normal hair fall in result of telogen.

To know more about hair loss treatment and expert opinion about State of the Art Hair Transplant Surgery, Please contact Hair Transplant Dubai center. Outdated Hair Transplant Procedures

Outdated surgical procedures for hair replacement include punch grafting, scalp reduction and flaps.

Punch Grafting is now, thankfully obsolete. Permanent hairs were removed from the back and sides of the head with punches. the resulting plugs of hair were then placed in the bald area like rows of corn.

Scalp Reduction is a painful procedure in which the bald scalp is cut, then the back and side hair is pulled closer. This makes the scalp thin and tight, and causes hair to grow in inappropriate directions. Scars are also difficult, if not impossible to hide.

Flaps involve a one inch wide strip of scalp taken from the back or side of the head and moved to the front. As with scalp reduction, hair in the flap grows in unnatural directions. A scar line is always present in front of the hairline and is difficult to hide.

Fortunately, ILHT Dubai provides the skill and advanced technology to make those outmoded methods a thing of the past.