Hair Transplant Surgery

In Single Follicular Hair transplant surgery, the roots of hair (the follicles) are harvested from the back of head in the form of a strip. These follicles are immune to the effects of the male hormone DHT, and hence have longest survival. This hair-bearing strip is then micro-dissected into Micro-graft & Mini-grafts (each graft contains1-4 hair). Finally, these grafts are cosmetically transplanted into the required area.

The size of hair at the time of procedure is about half a centimeter. In the first month after surgery up to 70% of transplanted hair shafts falls off. Next the hair passes through a transition phase and upon the completion of 3rd month all hair start to REGROW and final result (desired look) comes in about 8 months by which time the transplanted hair are 2 to 2.5 inches long.

The entire procedure is pain-free. No significant long or short-term complications have been seen. The transplanted hair stay with you for the rest of your life and there are no hidden cost in respect of maintenance or care. Since the transplanted hair grow normally, you can get your hair cut from your regular hair dresser. You can shave off your head and the hair will re-grow normally. No special shampoo, conditioners or medication are required for transplanted hair for rest of life.